Our Family

As a company, Cheshire Barn Homes offers more than just sustainable luxury. Drawing on past projects and experiences, our team – headed by Rhys Nevett and Rick Marsh – are experts in developing properties with rural excellence.

Rhys Nevett

Rhys has lived in Cheshire all his life and understands the unique and beautiful area better than most.
With a family history in developments, Rhys was brought up to understand the historical importance Cheshire farm buildings have in shaping a community.
And that to create an exceptional home you must meet the specific needs of each customer. He has realised that the key to producing these sustainable homes is with a quality that’s built to last.

Rick Marsh

With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Richard has always maintained a hands-on approach. The past 12 years have been spent largely in construction project management, of which, much has been on sensitive buildings with heritage at their heart. Having seen the completion of numerous barn conversions in this time, they have become his passion. Building new life into often dilapidated, disused and forgotten buildings with agricultural heritage provides a great sense of achievement. Creating the dreams of our clients who put the life back into these structures makes him very proud of the work he carries out at Cheshire Barn Homes.