Building your dream

When you partner with Cheshire Barn Homes, moving into your dream home is easier than you think. Our service is not only tailored to you and your needs, it’s also managed by one of our trusted project managers. Typically, this is how it works:

Phase 1: Choose your home

Choosing from the developments we are working on, it’s for you to decide which one will become your dream home.

Phase 2: Work together to understand your plans

Once you’ve selected the development you’re interested in, we’ll work closely together so you completely understand the plans of your home.

Phase 3: Choose furnishings

When you’re comfortable with the plans of your new home, we then introduce you to our trusted partners who will bring your home to life with the style you wish to achieve.

Phase 4: Work closely

As your house begins its transformation, we’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that everything is well-managed up to the big day.

Phase 5: Move in

The big day arrives and we’ll make it one you always remember; the day you move in to your dream home. But we’ll still be there for support, long after the keys are handed over.